Real World Qualification Changelog Framework


  • Add support for unified interpreation of Speed results for services.
  • Correct issue for SQ of CommSol services resulting in unexpected error code 421.


  • Add support for SQ of CommSol services via AutoComplete and qualify endpoints. No support is currently available for structured address search.


  • Fix bug relating to Last Active Date on CSN returning an error in SQ


  • Fix bug when CSA details are not yet available from SQ response
  • Fix NTD Backup Status date format issue preventing some SQs from succeeding
  • Get copper switch-off/disconnection date from CSA if available
  • Add support for nbn RFS Date in SQ response


  • Fix bugs relating to upstream authentication
  • Fix bugs relating to request volume
  • Improve autocomplete endpoint


  • 0.2 release
  • Add searching by a structured address
  • Initial work for sandpit testing environment


  • 0.1.1 release
  • Improvements in build process
  • Additional deployment test code
  • Improvements in error handling


  • Fixes to Copper Pair handling
  • Qualification data on TC2 services
  • Add subsequentInstallationCharge to CPID if known
  • Improvements to test cases
  • Updated example JSON
  "id": 9,
  "qualification": {
    "location_id": "LOC000100000000",
    "primary_access_technology": "Fibre To The Node",
    "service_class_number": 12,
    "service_class_description": "Serviceable by Copper, Existing Copper Pair in-place not active with NBN Co",
    "new_development_charge_applies": false,
    "csa": {
      "id": "CSA900000000000",
      "name": "Fake 2 CSA",
      "state": "QLD",
      "active": true
    "copper_pair_ids": [
        "copper_pair_id": "CPI300000000000",
        "serviceability_class": 12,
        "tc2_5mbps_supported": true,
        "tc2_10mbps_supported": true,
        "tc2_20mbps_supported": false,
        "tc2_30mbps_supported": false,
        "tc2_40mbps_supported": false,
        "tc4_downstream_upper_rate": 99,
        "tc4_downstream_lower_rate": 53,
        "tc4_upstream_upper_rate": 40,
        "tc4_upstream_lower_rate": 23,
        "network_boundary_point": "Telecommunications Outlet",
        "nbn_service_status": "",
        "service_type": "FNN",
        "copper_pair_status": "Active",
        "network_coexistance": true,
        "remediation_required": false,
        "remediation_date": null,
        "last_active_date": null,
        "pots_interconnect_match": true,
        "pots_match": "0298765432",
        "subsequent_installation_charge_applies": false,
        "last_updated": "2018-06-14T20:40:56.580536+10:00",
        "location": "LOC000100000000"
    "network_termination_devices": [],
    "address": {
      "unit_type_code": null,
      "unit_number": null,
      "lot_number": null,
      "road_number_1": "1",
      "road_name": "NOWHERE",
      "road_type_code": "ST",
      "locality_name": "NOWHERE",
      "postcode": "2000",
      "state_teritory_code": "NSW",
      "geo_latitude": "-35.0000000000",
      "geo_longitude": "149.0000000000",
      "geographic_datum": null,
      "location": "LOC000100000000"
    "last_updated": "2018-06-14T20:40:56.590890+10:00"
  "user": "andrewya",
  "rsp": "Real World",
  "requested": "2018-06-14T20:40:56.595536+10:00"


  • Initial release

-- end -- :)